About Us

Downtune Solutions Inc was founded in 2013 by a husband and wife team who both came from a broad swath of corporate, consulting, and startup experience.  Initially starting as a pure business intelligence & data consultancy, we quickly widened our offerings to include strategic consulting, process optimization, project leadership, web development, and digital advertising.

Rather than stampeding down the well-worn "me too" path of many services organizations, we decided to hold fast to some principles important to us.

The Right Answer for the Right Culture

Business and technology solutions are not one-size-fits-all. We've too often seen businesses sold a bulldozer when a shovel will do. Ultimately that approach does not benefit anyone long-term. If the shovel is the right answer, then start with that and identify the signs that will tell you when you finally do need the next level. We also recognize that while approaches come in and out of vogue, firms have varying levels of readiness for them. Shoehorning a square peg into a round hole may or may not be the right choice at that time, and we are committed to accounting for that in how we service our clients. 

Keep the Humanity in Business

Ultimately, business comes down to people working together to accomplish goals in a mutually beneficial ways. Buzzwords and spins are window dressing. We see our clients as individuals trying to do the right thing for their customers and their companies, and approach solving problems from the view of understanding what is really important to you and why.  

Straight Talk

We know that your project is important to you, and in turn ultimately important to the quality you deliver to your customers. Sometimes tough choices are required, which in turn need honest and trustworthy collaboration. Too often in our experience, we would see messages spun and information obfuscated behind a layer of consulting-speak. We are committed to truth and speaking plainly even when it is difficult, as that is what will ultimately benefit our clients. 

No Kool-Aid

We are committed to giving our clients the real deal about their technology and project choices. We don't believe in magic bullets, and we know that every choice of solution has both benefits and costs which they have a right to know without the fog of marketing which too often surrounds technology products. Some may be immediate, some may come later, but there is no "free lunch". We partner with our clients to make the best decisions and help ensure they have all the data they need.